Supercharge Your Value Sales

Intelligent value sales guidance and business case generation that turns your unique value proposition into wins.

See it in action

Make every team member as good as the best

AI-based guidance for every opportunity.
Spot-on discovery, qualification and value positioning made easy.

No more forecasting surprises

AI-based forecasting with discovery, qualification and value match scores providing a new visibility layer.

MEDDPICC automation that removes friction and drives organic adoption (also available for Sandler, SPICED, BANT etc.)

Arm Champions and win Economic Buyers

One-click generation of awesome opportunity-specific business case presentation focused on value.

Up and running in less than 2 hours

Leverage industry ROI-models and playbooks. Evolve automatically based on winning patterns.

Available templates for Cybersecurity, DevOps, Cloud Infrastructures, Customer Success, Big Data and more.

Integrated to your tech stack

Available as standalone or a Salesforce app. Integrated to additional revenue and customer success platforms.

Operational impact from first usage


Of opportunities get deeper discovery & business case


Reduction in business case prep time. From days to one click


Visibility into pipeline’s value sales scores

Business impact from 1st Quarter


Rep productivity increase


Reduction in committed deals slippage


Ramp up time reduction

  • Tom Schodorf

    Splunk, X-CRO (grew Splunk to $1B sales) GTM Board member Author of “Success Cadence”

    “If I had the kind of visibility Spotlight gives when I was a CRO, I could have been proactive and saved 50% of deals that slipped at the end of the quarter.”

  • Joe Parent

    Experienced salesperson, new at Tufin

    “This makes ramping up at Tufin dramatically easier for me. I used to work for net 15-20 hours to create a BVA deck in previous roles which is now fully automated.”

  • Adnon Dow

    Centerity, President & VP Global Solution Sales

    “This (Spotlight) will enable us to ramp our enterprise sales teams,  boost target deals to closure in a measurable way, and drive associated revenues in an objective method vs the subjective probability-based method used today.” In my 30 years of driving sales, business strategy, as well as market development, I’ve not come across a tool such as the Spotlight Platform.”

Built for enterprise revenue teams

  • Sales Leaders

    Get deeper pipeline visibility that drive proactiveness on weaker deals. Empower discovery and qualification consistency and learn winning patterns.

  • Account Executives

    Discovery, qualification and value selling guidance. Auto-generated business case presentations.

  • Customer Success

    Drive Success Plans based on quantifiable KPIs aligned to what was sold to the customer. Discover more upsell opportunities. Take value realization for renewal and upsell to the next level.

  • SDRs

    Real time prospecting and screening conversation guidance.