Value sales done right

Opportunity level

Get the critical data

VIXe, our Value Intelligence ™️ Cross Correlation Engine is using AI to correlate all existing data points about the opportunity from multiple sources and guide reps to discover the most critical data that could uncover a valid business case or strengthen it

Auto-generate the business case presentation

In a single click, generate the strongest possible business case presentation, based on the specific opportunity, historic wins and external data points from the segment

Match differentiators

Using AI to understand buyers’ pains & needs and the competitive situation and highlight the winning differentiators

Grade, strengthen, inform go/no go decisions

Using AI to evaluate and grade the strength of the business case and the opportunity; Alert on gaps and weaknesses and suggest remedies; Drive informed go/no go decision; Flag insufficient readiness ahead of critical meetings, POCs etc.

Strengthen the forecasting

Strengthening any forecasting technique or tool by adding discovery depth and value match scores to existing sales phase based forecasting

Evolve. On steroids

VIXe, our Value Intelligence ™️ Cross Correlation Engine measures the change in impact of the various needs, pains, differentiators, competitors, questions, answers etc. to learn wining patterns, respond to changes in the market and competition, continuously strengthen the discovery, positioning, business cases and forecasting and better guide and coach the reps

Value Intelligence ™️ covers multiple layers


  • Discovery guidance
  • Actionable insights
  • Differentiators matching
  • Business case presentation generator
  • Discovery depth and value match scores per opporunity


  • Individual discovery metrics
  • Discovery and positioning coaching
  • Individual prep. center
  • Pipeline health and strength analysis

Sales Leadership

  • Team ramp up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Team discovery & business case strength KPIs
  • Win / loss effort distribution optimization
  • Sales cycle reduction management & alerts
  • Forecasting accuracy KPIs

Executive Level

  • Win / loss drivers in various segments, regions, GTM groups etc.
  • Changes in differentiation strengths / weaknesses
  • Product impact accuracy
  • Demand generation and customer success accuracy

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