Advanced Qualification


  • Interactive stages and activities bar
  • Interactive qualification pane
  • Native Salesforce app / standalone app / Hubspot – coming soon
  • Simple, intuitive, full self-service
  • Support for any stages, activities and qualification frameworks

Premium Qualification

$35/ mo.

$360/ annaul

All the features of Advanced Qualification plus:

  • AI-based qualification and deal scores
  • AI-based opportunity specific guidance, coaching and enablement
  • Opportunity and pipeline status and progress visualization and dashboards
  • Discovery guidance with a few pain and impact probing questions

The Full Value Platform

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All the features of Premium Qualification plus:

  • AI-based opportunity specific value discovery guidance, coaching and enablement
  • Support for any discovery journey – from basic to incredibly complexed
  • Live battlecards – help reps with the most accurate positioning given buyer priorities and competition.
  • One click generation of opportunity specific business case decks with soft and hard value
  • Support for any deck format and content
  • Automatic presentation (and customization) of relevant case studies, brochures etc.
  • AI-based discovery depth and value strength scores
  • Winning patterns based optimization