Use Cases

Improve conversations with for SDRs / BDRs / Inside Sales / remote sales teams

  • Real time guidance to the most critical screening and qualification questions.
  • On the fly generation of an engaging value hypothesis.
  • Highlighting of the most relevant proof point, collateral and talk tracks for each particular prospect / customer.
  • Rich, meaningful data is automatically pushed into the later sales stages without need for additional manual handovers.
  • Multiple layers of machine learning and AI constantly improve the script, questions and proof points, making every call and every rep better.
  • Equip each rep with the tool and individual coaching necessary for increasing the conversions.

Save time and improve discovery and positioning with for Sales Reps

  • Guides reps through the preparation for a sales meeting, the meeting itself and the post meeting steps.
  • Corelates all available data regarding each opportunity and guides reps to close the most critical gaps in order to establish a business case. No data is ever entered twice.
  • Automatically generates the strongest possible business case, alerts reps regarding weak spots and suggest how to further strengthen it.
  • Saves reps time by focusing the discovery only on the most critical gaps and automatically generating business cases sheets, docs and slides.
  • Match buyers needs, pains, perceived value and competitive situation with the most effective proof points and case studies.
  • Gives reps clear indications about the completeness of the discovery, the value fit of an opportunity and its overall health, taking into consideration both its value and its qualification stage.
  • Gives reps a unique view of their pipeline health and individual coaching about the possible ways to improve their effectiveness.
  • Guides reps to focus on the most valuable and likely opportunities and effectively screen opportunities that will probably waste the their time.
  • Helps reps manage deals’ timelines.
  • Alerts marketing when discovery and subsequent steps are underway so general marketing outreach could be suspended.
  • Accelerates ramp ups by guiding the reps and providing leading KPIs that enables reps to show that they are on track well before they reach productivity.
  • Uses multiple layers of machine learning and AI to constantly improve the questions, business cases and proof point, making every call and every rep better.

Improve productivity and ramp up new reps with for Frontline Managers

  • Recruiting, training, shadowing, coaching, supervising, closing, forecasting, reporting… feeling busy? We can put you in a better position while taking some of that weight off…
  • Guides and coaches your reps for you and reflects where they still have gaps.
  • Get visibility into the team’s discovery quality and speed and watch it improve, without having to listen to each call.
  • See your pipeline in full colors by adding deal’s value fit score and timeline to the standard forecasting related indicators.
  • Get alerts when opportunities are not going in the right direction.
  • Accelerate your reps ramp up and get new early indicators of their progress while you wait for the output to catch up.
  • Let the platform show you what works and what doesn’t, and tune the things that doesn’t.
  • Uses multiple layers of machine learning and AI to constantly improve the playbook and overall value sales motion.

Get new levels of visibility with for Sales Ops

  • Get new visibility into the teams’ discovery speed and quality and watch it improve.
  • Get new visibility into each opportunity and the entire pipeline – see it in full colors by adding deals’ value fit score and timeline and get an overall score, taking into consideration both its value and the qualification stage.
  • Get new early indicators on the ramp up of new team members, products and initiatives.
  • Reflect critical gaps in opportunities and weak opportunities to the reps and to their managers.
  • Save reps time with easier and faster discovery and business case generation – Less admin work – more output.
  • Integrated with your various CRM and Revenue Intelligence tools.
  • Uses multiple layers of machine learning and AI to continuously find up which pains, drives, differentiators, business case attributes, questions, proof points, competitive situations etc. work and which don’t for each product, segment, region, team etc.

Find new levers to accelerate your growth with for CROs

  • Gain consistency, visibility and efficiency in your sales meeting and value sales motion.
  • Get new discovery & business case strength KPIs.
  • Measure and reduce effort spend on lost opportunities vs. winning opportunities.
  • Shorten your sales cycles with new management tools, analysis and alerts.
  • Team ramp up KPIs.
  • Improve your forecasting with new value and timeline management capabilities and get new forecasting accuracy KPIs.
  • Reduce reps’ non-customer time and drive reps growth and increased productivity.
  • Integrated with various CRMs and Revenue Intelligence tools.
  • Uses multiple layers of machine learning and AI to constantly improve the playbook, the overall value sales motion and deliver data driven insights that help tune the overall sales strategy.

Align the entire organization around value creation and sales with for CEOs and Executive Teams

  • Get data driven, value based insights to guide lead generation, marketing content creation, customer success and product decisions, to accelerate the entire cycle of value creation and sales.
  • Uses multiple layers of machine learning and AI to constantly analyze and reflect the win correlations and change over time and regions of various drives, pains, differentiators, strengths & weaknesses etc.
  • Understand the impact of your competition in greater detail and with more dimension, and optimize your positioning with competition KPIs.
  • Increase your demand generation and customer success productivity by focusing them on the factors that matter the most to your customers.
  • Measure product & development accuracy KPIs – help prioritize the most valuable initiatives and measure the time to impact and change in impact of new offerings.
  • Gain deeper, data backed understanding of your sales motion.
  • Uses multiple layers of machine learning and AI to get the most significant trends that impact your success and failures across all stages of the customer and product lifecycles.

Customers & partners

Growth companies

Scaling fast after B or later rounds requires non linear ramp up of the sales teams. We accelerate rep’s ramp up

Sophisticated, tech savvy sales organization

Modern sales organizations use multiple revenue intelligence tools, but all these tools have a blind spot on value discovery. We bring automation and intelligence to that critical aspect of the sell, helping each Rep succeed more

Cyber security companies

Quantifying various risks and building stronger business cases challenges many companies in this space. Working with multiple Cyber sales organizations enable us to credibly quantify their value offerings

Sale Consultants

Sales consultant want their customers to succeed – so do we! We can brand and tailor the system to match any specific sales methodology


Multiple products, new offerings, cross sales teams etc. make it hard for reps to effectively discover and position themselves to win against agile competitors and with educated buyers. We bring the full product and sales wisdom into every deal

Distributers / Resellers / MSPs

There are great advantages and some challenges with indirect sales. Whether you are part of an indirect sales organization or you are selling through partners, we make indirect sellers as effective as the best direct ones

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